Christmas Handicap results 2019

Christmas Handicap results 2019

Here are the results – the actual results are the three columns on the left with Chris winning, Kai coming second and Susie coming third. The remainder is just a bit of fun with statistics.

PositionNameTimeHandicapActual timePosition
Best 2019
5K or
1Christopher Larkin00:34:0700:15:3000:18:37100:16:221
2Kai Horsley00:34:2800:06:3000:27:58800:24:049
3Susie Woodward-Moor00:34:5000:07:3000:27:20600:23:276
4Mike Fryer00:35:0200:14:0000:21:02200:18:072
5Ian Landucci00:35:0300:11:3000:23:33300:20:584
6Lauren Cooke00:35:1200:02:0000:33:1213
7Stephen Wiggins00:35:1600:07:3000:27:46700:23:418
8Karen Horsley00:35:4000:00:0000:35:401500:29:4714
9David Wiggins00:36:0000:02:0000:34:001400:28:1513
10Debbie Read00:36:2000:07:3000:28:50900:24:3910
11Trevor Lewis00:36:4200:12:3000:24:12400:20:293
12Geoff Collins00:37:0100:07:0000:30:011100:23:367
13Rachel Arnold00:37:1200:08:0000:29:121000:24:5711
14Jackie Keasley00:37:5900:05:0000:32:591200:26:4312
15Richard Hankins00:38:3100:13:0000:25:31500:21:045

Thanks to Ben Tumility for organising supported by Ben Mace-Crossley, Betty Grieve, Col Thompson, Kathryn, Phil Gilliard and Tim Palmer. Thanks to Lou Spruce and Helen Gilliard for organising the social side and those who bought soup and food. As a handicapper, Ben scores 74% as he managed to reduce the time difference between actual times (17:03) by 74% to a finishing spread of (4:24).

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