Born to run – Cabbalo Blanco talk in chester 30/09/11

Born to run – Cabbalo Blanco talk in chester 30/09/11

For those interested in ultras, of if you know of anyone who might be, was informed by Sharon (Tattenhall) that Caballo Blanco author of ‘Born to Run’ is doing a talk in Chester end of September, ticket price ten pounds,
Friday 30th September 2011 – Chester University Conference Centre, Parkgate Road, Chester, CH1 4BJ

The Presentation

Micah’s talk will cover:

– what first brought him into ultrarunning
– his views on running styles, barefoot running and minimalist footwear
– meeting the Tarahumara in ’94 at Leadville 100 mile race where they set the course record beating all the american runners.
– How he ended up in Copper Canyon living among the Tarahumara
– The Events leading up to the 2006 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon (CCUM) featured in the book “Born to Run”
– What’s happened with the CCUM since then
– The work he is doing with Norawas de Raramuri (the not for profit organisation he has established to support them)

His talk will be just over one hour with as much Q&A as required. He also has a short film of the 2009 CCUM that he will show as he gives his presentation. “


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