Bollington Nostalgia Hill Race – Fell Counter

Bollington Nostalgia Hill Race – Fell Counter

Please find a link to the full results of the 6th Bollington Nostalgia Hill Race here:

A great race to try if you are looking to ‘have a go’ at hill/fell running. Just ask any of the following people who completed the race what they thought!

Thanks to Joe for support as always en route

11th Adair Broughton 46.44
18th Chris Baynham-Hughes 48.49
25th Jim O’Hara 50.48
42nd Ian Landucci 54.01
57th Phil Gillard 56.47
67th Alec Robertson 58.32
74th David Feakes 59.35
103rd Andy Smith 63.33
124th Lesley Feakes 67.59

Lots of comedy photos of diverse techniques for jumping styles here

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