Birchwood xc

Birchwood xc

Thanks to Spectrum for putting on an excellent race yesterday up at Birchwood, Warrington. Opening the curtains on Sunday to a fresh dump of snow put a seed of doubt in place over the run going ahead. Shouldn’t have worried, the race was on and the snow only added to the fun. As did the Icey Puddle of Doom (a trench of mud and slush, barely above freezing point). Still at least we only run through it 4 times. After a good half lap of running the feeling came back into my toes ….just in time for the Slippery Banks of Dread, a set of steep rollers with no other purpose than to sap your leg strength.

Good runs from Ian, Steve and Andy S completed the Helsby turn-out. Really you’d be mad to not try a cross-country at least once in your running career.

…luckily for you it’s not too late. Normally Birchwood closes the season, but this year we’ve got a bonus event on 7th March with the rescheduled Runcorn Town Park. Again a good course. Have a go!

Pic from Mick Charman‘s set on the Spectrum site.


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