Anyone need new shoes?

Anyone need new shoes?

John Shelbourne runs the gym at The Heath in Runcorn. He’s setting himself up selling discounted sports gear to local clubs.

Ian and I have worn his spikes on the track and cross-country to good effect this season (well Ian’s had the best effect, if truth be told!) and they were extremely cheap. I can’t guarantee everything will be as cheap, but they’ll always be less than retail.

He has access to most of the main brands, but at the moment doesn’t carry much stock. It’s more ‘order, check it fits and then pay’ at the moment. Some of the things he does:

  • Road shoes
  • Fell shoes
  • Cross country/track spikes
  • Racing flats
  • Technical t-shirts.

…although I’m sure he’d try and help if you had any more unusual demands. I’ve known John 5 years now and can vouch for him. Call him on 07985 221805.

JRS shoes leaflet (PDF).


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