Abergele border league results sun 8th jan 2011

Abergele border league results sun 8th jan 2011

Hi all

Please find attached results for the latest Border League Race at held at Abergele Sunday 8th Jan.


Described as an accurately measured 5 mile out and back course, oh, with a random bit through a caravan park,   14 Helsby runners started and finished the race with some strong performances thrown in, including a 5 mile PB for Adrian, well done. Age category highlights included podium finishes for Jane Ashbrook with 3rd, Vanessa in 3rd, Albert in 2nd and Robbie in 3rd.

Helsby positions and times listed below

22nd        Adair Broughton               28.42
79th         Ian Landucci                       31.37
118th      Roy Gaskill                          33.22
125th      Jane Ashbrook                  33.38
135th      Jayne Joy                             34.04
148th      Adrian Jackson                  34.51
155th      Vanessa Griffiths             35.15
156th      Albert Berry                       35.16
186th      Carol Shaw                          36.25
201st       Andy Smith                         37.07
206th      Phil Gillard                           37.23
255th      Betty Grieve                      40.12
263rd      Jackie Keasley                   40.53
304th      Robbie Webster               45.18

Helsby ladies should also be congratulated for finishing in first position on the day in Division two, with some more races left to run they can now provide a strong challenge for promotion. Helsby men consolidated their position in mid table of Division Two on the day.

Helsby ladies also finished in 2nd place in the improvers trophy table so shows what a great year they are having.

The link below should also take you to the handicap rankings, which is a great way of seeing what your current form is and if you are improving.


Sadly, and rather remiss of me, I’ve missed sending this on previous results and so I should mention that on two previous races in this current Border League series we have had two Helsby ladies win the handicap rankings. Betty won the Prestatyn race 1 and Vanessa won at Birkenhead Park race 2. These are great performances which should have been noted previously. (Sorry!)




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