What’s all this then?

What’s all this then?

queryI started this thing just over a month ago to get more information about the club, and the joys of running, to the outside world. The old website had gone a bit stale and its author had moved on. This is a simple way to update things, without geek skills.

As a club I think we undersell ourselves. We’re a great club, but for whatever reason that message doesn’t always get out. This is one way.

We’ve had well over 700 hits so far — a lot of websites don’t get that in a lifetime! So it looks like we’ve tapped into something.

What next?
Longer term we’ll resurrect the old helsbyrunningclub.com website and get everything integrated on one site. Baby steps though.

It’s not just my blog, it’s Helsby RC’s blog. Get involved, suggest a story, heck write a story, send me your pics, comment on the posts (click the comment button on every post, start with that one down there if you like). Andy and Adair are also admins and can add content to the site. Thoughts welcome. Over to you lot…


  1. amateurstocktalk

    Hello, I am no marathon runner, but my husband and I do love to run. It’s something that him and I can do together, without the kids. I have been running and jogging with my pomeranian for a year now. People are amazed that my dog can keep up, let alone lead me. Despite his scrawny legs, he’s pretty good. Hopefully that will extend his lifeline. At our gym, we have a running club that meets no matter what the weather. I live in Minnesota, so everyday is a suprise. I have to say that running outside is more enjoyable for me because I like to look at other people’s houses and yards as I go. It keeps my mind occupied so I don’t worry about how long I’ve been running/jogging. The reason I do it, I think, is “me” time. The rest of my day is filled with buying/selling real estate and spending time with my family. I don’t know if this post is what you were looking for in a response, but you have a good title to your blog today.

  2. Adair Broughton

    Hi amateurstocktalk!

    I enjoyed reading your post! I also find running is good ‘me’ time, lots of time to clear my head and be ‘a little’ philosophical but I also have to admit I love the social runs with club members too.

    Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your next run!


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