Stay awesome people!

Stay awesome people!

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Back in the real world

We’re all in the weirdest place right now and hopefully you and your families are fit and well.

As runners we know a thing or two about resilience. All the hard miles building up to your key races and spring marathons haven’t been wasted. You’re in good shape and that will keep you safer. Non-racers have the last laugh here!

We run because we love to run, not for a PB and a trinket.

I’m seeing more runners than ever as people do their bit to stay healthy and stay sane. If you know any new runners, help them out with a bit of friendly advice. The classic mistake is too much too soon, especially people already fit from another sport. Couch to 5k is a good place to start people off –

  • Pick your routes and your times. My regular routes are normally quiet, but there’s extra people out now
  • If there’s no room to pass at 2m, think about another route and another time
  • Run from home
  • Keep it briefer – now’s not a great time to put in a 25 miler, it sends the wrong message
  • Trail runners – pick your routes to avoid gates and stiles
  • Hook up with your virtual training buddies with the Monday Night distanc(ing) sessions – all on Facebook and email
  • Check Phil’s ‘Tell us about your run’ post on our Facebook group –
  • Be creative and explore. Keep it fun!

Stay strong people, help each other out. See you on the other side!

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