Mike’s tough team dress rehearsal

Mike’s tough team dress rehearsal

Hi everyone — The classic Tattenhall Tough Team Race is later this month and traditionally, I have always organized a ‘pre TTTR recee’ as an excellent alternative to our usual Weds night run.

Anyone who has run the TTTR before knows that elements of it certainly live up to its name! However the recee is deliberately a relaxed, social, group run, in what is an extremely scenic area. For anyone unfamiliar with the route, it is about 50% road and 50% offroad, with the offroad sections similar to our own Weds evening run and taking in some parts of the Sandstone Trail and Peckforton Hills amidst very attractive countryside.

Attached: ToughTeamMap. We then follow up the recee with a couple of drinks in Tattenhall which sits very nicely!

The plan is as follows:

  • All meet at the Tattenhall Recreation Club by 18:30. (The Club is Tattenhall runners clubhouse and where their Border league starts and finishes). Tattenhall is quite small so it’s pretty easy to find anyway. Link:  http://www.tattenhallrunners.com/18.html
  • Run start by 18:45.
  • On return, use the showering and changing facilities at the clubhouse (which are good standard)
  • Decamp to Tattenhall for a couple of drinks – wa-hey!

I discussed it at the club and there’s already a gang raring to go but obviously not everyone was present. Everyone is welcome and please note that it will be a social, comfortable run for all. So please come along next Weds eve for something a little bit different from our usual fare – you won’t be disappointed. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,



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