Helsby Running Club

Mickle Trafford run

One of the our winter training runs. Basically an out and back run, in the opposite direction to Frodsham. Bit too much of the A56 road but a reliable route mostly well lit (with a bit of mystery through the village back lane at the far end).

  1. Out of the club gates and turn right along the main road to the A56 traffic lights.
  2. Turn left here heading towards Chester and cross the road. 
  3. We follow the A56 all the way out to Mickle Trafford
  4. At the village centre (by the pedestrian crossing) we turn right onto School Lane and start a short loop out through the back of the village, 
  5. Past the school and at the end of the road turn right again onto The Street which brings us back via Dee Road through the village. 
  6. Turn left back onto the A56. 
  7. Straight back the way we’ve come to the club house, a hot shower and drink in the bar afterwards!

The route