Ince and Elton run

Another of our winter training runs. Different to the Frodsham and Mickle Trafford runs in that it takes a circular route.

The route

  1. Out of the club gates and turn right along the main road to the A56 traffic lights.
  2. Turn left here heading towards Chester and cross the road. 
  3. We follow the A56 as far as the Dunham Arms.
  4. Turn right down Hob Lane and out onto quiet country lanes. 
  5. After a mile we get to a crossroads where it’s right then a swift left onto Thornton Green Lane. 
  6. Over the motorway and on to Thornton village. 
  7. Right onto the main A5117 road and up to the traffic lights.
  8. Turn left and crossing over a couple of roundabouts (watch out for juggernauts!) passing Shell’s Thornton Research Centre.
  9. Following the road onwards takes us on a turn through Ince and then Elton villages before dropping us back onto the A5117. 
  10. Back over the motorway at J14 and it’s a straight blast back to the club house.