Borders League Results

Borders League Results

 Border League results are now in so please peruse at your leisure

The handicap results will be published at a later date so i’ll forward a link as and when they appear.

Helsby positions for the last race as follows:

21st    Adair Broughton    24.29

90th    Jane Ashbrook      27.39

98th     Ian Landucci        28.04

133rd   Steve Riley          29.30

155th   David Feakes         30.34

166th   Vanessa Griffiths 31.15

169th   Janet Robertson  31.26

183rd   Andy Smith         32.17

191st   Jackie Keasley    32.45

Well done to all runners who participated in this particular race or any event of the series. 


as you can see from the Team Results Helsby’s mens team finished bottom of Division 2. It gives us some room for improvement!


fantastic news for Helsby Ladies who finished top of Division 2!!

The next club counter is the RAINOW on Wed 12th May @ 7.30pm. This is an ideal introduction to fell racing at 5 miles and 750 feet. Why not have a look at Ian Landucci’s excellent summary on the Helsby blog

For other details please see

If anyone is meeting at the club could they please reply all and let us know



  1. Good event to finish the series.

    Shame we finished bottom of the team results, but it does seem that the scoring system is unfairly harsh on smaller clubs like ours – anyone not fielding a full team gets penalised 300 points for each missing team member. Much worse than if we’d fielded 2 extra members on crutches, who’d come last and 2nd last. I’d argue…

    1. it’s an incentive to get more members out, whatever their standard, and just enjoy the run

    2. missing team members should be given the handicap of the last place. So if 210 people run and you field 5x runners rather than the required 7, the penalty would be 2×210, rather than 2×300. When you regularly field missing members, you’re never going to make up the point shortfall over the series. Hardly a great motivator!

    Any thoughts anyone?


  2. Adair

    Yep it does seem a little harsh on the smaller clubs but until two years ago for both divisions you had to field 10 runners! We generally managed 7 at that time so argued for the reduction although now it appears we can’t field the 7 which is a little disapointing for sure but the committee were willing to change the rules to suit the smaller clubs.

    I agree for any teams not fielding a full squad they should only have the total of the next available position i.e for 210 runners, for each non runner you have 211 points.

    I’ve not checked but would the ‘change in rules’ have put us in a different position? If so, another team fielding a full squad but with slower runners might feel a little agrieved!

    Good debate. I suppose the bigger questions is if we can consistently motivate 7 people for each race (and doesn’t have to be the same 7 as lots of people do have committments)


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