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Sandstone Trail Challenge - Saturday 12 May 2018

The 2018 Sandstone Trail Challenge opens for entries on 1 December, at midnight. Last year the places for runners went in about 10 hours, and the walkers' places filled within a month, and they could go even faster this time. We will have separate waiting lists for runners and walkers. If you don't get a place, join the waiting list if you can.  Once the waiting lists are also full, you may still be able to get a place - we may re-open the waiting lists at a later date.  Please don't enter as a walker if you intend to run - the tally card you will carry will give you away and we will hold runners up at checkpoints if they have a walker's tally card.  This is to make sure this is an event for walkers as well as runners - we're not worried about walkers doing a bit of running here and there along the way though.

We had a great day in 2017 - thanks to everyone who walked, ran and helped out.  The results and our report are out, and you can click on them here or find them via the "Records and past years" tab.  The rest of the photos are here.

John Dobie in 2017, new MV70 record holder, while he was still in one piece!

First dog, 2017

Ben Williams and Andy Robinson, 20 November 2017

In 2011 Helsby Running Club revived the Sandstone Trail Challenge event that until 2006 was organised by the Fire Service in Frodsham. A good time was had by all. Building on the success of the revitalised event, the 2012 version was bigger, better and if anything even better received by our walkers and runners.  We're planning to keep it that way.

The event follows the 33 miles of the way-marked Sandstone Trail from beginning to end, apart from a minor variation at the end to finish at the Community Centre in Frodsham. The Sandstone Trail follows a sandstone ridge through the Cheshire plain, with some of the best walking in the county.

This is an LDWA-style challenge walk that also supports runners. Note that it is not a race. It is open to everyone aged 14 or over who’s fit enough and experienced enough to do it (no runners under 18 though).


Contact us (Ben Williams and Andy Robinson):  sandstonetrailchallenge@hotmail.com.